"Customer Identifiable" and "Protection" of Information
Jean d'Eve has developed a policy recognizing and protecting the privacy of consumers and retail customers who browse www.jeandeve.ch website for its Jean d'Eve brand.  The company maintains strict consumer and customer information privacy policies and uses appropriate technologies to safeguard such information from unauthorized intrusions.  All "customer identifiable" information both in individuals and retail customers reasonably expect to be kept private.  Commonly, it is necessary for companies, governmental agencies, or other organizations to collect "customer identifiable" information in order to conduct business and provide services.  For instance, Jean d'Eve may collect "customer identifiable" information, such as name, address, telephone number, etc., in the course of responding to consumer/retail customer inquiries about its products and/or requests for product servicing.

Jean d'Eve maintains corporate regulations and implements reasonable security measures to protect against the risk of unauthorized access, loss, or alteration, of personal information, or leaking of Personal Information to third parties.

“Review and revises” Policy
Jean d'Eve constantly reviews and revises its existing Online Privacy Policy in order to ensure compliance with laws and other regulations that cover the protection of Personal Information, and to ensure the highest level of security possible.

“Sales channel and Web's alteration right ”
Jean d'Eve products are sold through official distributors around the world and are not available on the Internet.

All intellectual property rights such as trade marks, service marks, trade names, designs and copyrights are reserved.  Nothing contained in this website may be reproduced with out written permission.  Jean d'Eve reserves the right at all times to modify the models featured in the present website.

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